Bed Bugs from a Furniture Rental Store: What to Do?

How Do You Get Bed Bugs

Where do bed bugs hide in wood furniture?

Bedbugs are instinctively sneaky and shy and do not want to be noticed by their hosts.Bedbugs nest in solid, non-fluffy and non-flat surfaces where they remain free from disturbances caused by the human hosts tossing and turning in the bed

Where Do Bed Bugs Like to Hide?

The slits and the holes in a wooden bed furniture provide an ideal nesting place for bed bugs. The bedbug nest is safe and beyond the range of the host’s threatening and dangerous movement.

If you are searching for possible bedbugs in your bedroom, remember the key characteristics of bedbug nests:

  • They are likely to be within two to three feet of the sleeping host
  • They are expected to be in the bed and more so in the sturdiest places
  • Bed bugs prefer natural surfaces to nest in, such as real wood, fabric, or paper compared to synthetic materials, such as metals and plastics
  • If a bed bug infestation is present, you’re most likely to find black feces on a wooden bed frame or in the corners and edges of the box spring under the mattress.

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  • Seams of a bed and your dresser drawers
  • The woodwork underneath and inside dressers and nightstands
  • They like to hide in the joints and folds of recliners, chairs, or couches
  • They can be found in the cracks in wood molding
  • Check the screw holes and knots in wooden headboards, bed frames, and any wood surfaces around the infected areas carefully
  • When infestation is substantial, they could nest on the wall, behind switch plates, wall-mounted pictures, mirrors, or loose wallpaper.

Signs of Bed Bugs in Wood Furniture

The black dots on wooden surfaces are the tell-tale sign of bedbug presence. Bed bug droppings look like small dots or large smears, reddish-black to black color. Unavoidable bed bugs are present if you notice that kind of dots.

At the upper hole in comparison to human thumb here inside this hole, you see a nest with at least a good-sized adult and about a dozen young bed bug nymphs. You also see black feces inside and several white eggs.

This gap represents an ideal nesting area, and the host would not be too far away.

Carefully look at all the exterior and interior surfaces of furniture. Check the inside and outside of drawers, joints, and screw holes.

Examine the backs surface of bedside tables or bookcases. Any items commonly placed near the bed or in a bedroom, such as an alarm clock could hide bed bugs.

If a credit card can fit into space, a bed bug can hide in it.

Upholstered furniture without tears or holes in excellent condition will have fewer places for bed bugs to hide.

Whatever your bed configuration might be, the principle remains the same. These pests will nest as near to sleeping people as possible and will have a buffer zone that keeps them safe from host movements.

Knowing their way of self-preservation is crucial to determining where bedbugs might be hiding.

Bed Bugs from a Furniture Rental Store: What to Do?

Contact Bed Bug lawyers if your bed bugs infestation started from furniture rentals or purchases

It is a horrible experience when a person gets bed bugs after renting brand new furniture from a rental store. The situation gets even worse when the store either refuses to do anything about it or your entire house becomes infested with bed bugs.

In this video, nationwide bed bug lawyer discusses your rights if you have been bitten by bed bugs after renting or buying new furniture.

Craig and his team of bed bug attorneys always offer a free consultation and they always offer a free initial phone consultation. There are never any fees or costs unless a recovery is made for you. (Source)

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