Most effective way to get rid of bed bugs

How Do You Get Bed Bugs

The True Psychological Effects of Bed Bugs

For many, there is life before bed bugs and life after a bed bug infestation. Once you have bed bugs you probably will never sleep the same again, no matter where you are. They are horrible and very difficult to get rid of.

When activated, UV-C lamp emits ultraviolet light to disinfect and kill most of bed bugs,

UV-C lamp emits ultraviolet light to disinfect and kill bed bugs

It is vital to know that bed bugs do not distinguish between gender, social status, age, race or wealth. They can infest any household, despite the cleanliness level, lifestyle, or richness status.

You can be infected in the city halls, during a taxi trip, sitting in the cinema or the theater, during your stay at the hotels, or from an airplane. Your home could be infected even during an innocent visit from your friends or relatives.

Your kids can carry the eggs of the bugs on their shoes or clothes, and the pets can bring them on their fur or paws.

What Can Bed Bugs Do to You and Destroy Your Life?

If you sleep and breathe, you could have a bed bug problem. They are attracted to your breath, and they need to suck your blood to feed themselves.

Most of us feel embarrassed once we discover bed bugs in our home. Shame and confusion prevent us from taking immediate control measures. That makes practical remedy much more challenging later.

People with continuous bed bug infestations may be treated as outcasts by their friends, colleagues, or even their relatives. That stigma often feels overwhelming for the innocent victims.

Can Bed Bugs Affect Your Health?

People experience physical and psychological discomfort, sleepless nights, increased anxiety and nervousness, including Delusory Parasitosis and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

At the same time, they need to spend money for potentially destroyed items in the household. Time needed to get rid of infestation also adds extra pressure to the family life. Cost of treatment and bed bug control procedures, health care, and lost wages pile up fast.

Bed bug infestations can cause an unfavorable effect on the quality of life and people’s health. One study of 474 individuals living in known bed bug infested homes found that the people exhibited: sleeplessness (29%), emotional distress (22%), anxiety (20%), and stress (14%).

There is one case, that a woman with existing psychiatric issues, after repeated infestation, jumped to her death.

“Bed bugs aren’t easily visible, and people have this idea that you can’t prevent them and once you have them you can never get rid of them. This often generates anxiety and sometimes leads to overblown fears or phobias in previously healthy individuals,” according to

Psychological effects of bed bugs

  • You could feel “blacklisted” from going to church, a friend’s house visit, even from going to work or school
  • You must accept that your relatives or friends will avoid visiting your home and you will feel isolated and rejected from everybody
  • At the same time, victims start to avoid travel or socializing
  • People become socially withdrawn for fear of exposing others to the perceived infestation
  • This awful bug could cause you to feel ambushed, “dirty” or beat up
  • It is very common for some people to develop obsessive behavior in this situation
  • The sense of heartbreak and trauma, shame, degradation, fear and panic attacks
  • Family disruption, or deteriorated quality of life for the whole household
  • The whole family senses desperation, embarrassment, anxiety, and stress

Most effective way to get rid of bed bugs

It is critical to know that many other bugs are often mistaken for bed bugs. You must accurately identify and inspect the bugs and be 100% confident what you are dealing with.

Eradicating bed bugs is much more expensive than any other similar bug infestation.

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If you are living in a multi-family home, you inevitably will face a more difficult task than in a single-family home. Bed bugs easily travel between units through voids in the walls, electricity wires, or by a direct animal or human transport.

Bed bug infestations are hard to eliminate once an outbreak has taken hold. Bedbugs NEVER will go away on their own, and the situation will always get worse.

Complexity increases when many people need to be organized, encouraged and coordinated. You should invite some competent and independent source to identify the bugs before you take any action.

Once people worldwide become informed of the severe implications of bed bug infestations, we can take all the necessary measures to prevent the bed bugs from spreading and protect ourselves.

You can’t control or prevent bedbugs

Destroying infestations of bed bugs is tough. When the affected families finally manage to handle the outbreak, they find it difficult to relax. The fear that bed bugs may re-emerge is real.

You don’t need to be ashamed and need to stick to the plan of bed bug prevention. If you were already affected, you must immediately engage in a method for bed bug elimination and diligently carry it out.

The implications of this bed bug epidemic worldwide will continue to have severe outcomes as time goes on if we do not take the time to educate ourselves. We need to realize what needs to be done to treat against and prevent infestations BEFORE they occur.

Hopefully, there will be no more fingers pointing to who carried them in and who is responsible for taking them out.

There is no way to make sure you don’t get exposed to bed bugs because the possibilities are endless. You can drive yourself crazy worrying about the infestation, or decrease the quality of your life by not going to places where you would like.

My approach is not to worry about being exposed to bed bugs. You can’t control or prevent that. Worry about the actions you can control, and that is whether or not you bring bed bugs into your home with you after an exposure.

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