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We are not against DIY methods when we try to solve our problems. It makes me feel good and satisfied when I accomplish the job successfully. You probably feel the same way. 

Bed Bug Exterminator Flash light to find bed BugsOn our blog, we try our best to review and advise you what on the best DIY solution for your pest problem. And we are very proud when we manage to help people.

Anyway, depending on what kind of pests you are struggling with, the severity of the problem and your circumstances, you could decide to hire a local pest control company. Finding a reliable exterminator is not as easy as you might think.

Especially when you are dealing with a bed bug infestation, I wouldn’t advise you to ask any friends and family members for the recommendation! The additional social stigma is not something you, as a bedbug victim, want just now!

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Search for Vetted Exterminators in your Area

How to know who is trustworthy, who will use the right chemicals, will take care of your items and will charge you a fair price? People don’t share that kind of information, and they don’t especially disclose how they manage to get rid of bedbugs, termites or rats.

That is where we can help. This tool will provide you with free instant quotes from trusted and licensed exterminators in your local area.
How we can help you:

  1. Select your service, enter your zip, name, and other details.
  2. When you click submit, you’ll get free quotes from the top exterminators in your area.
  3. Review your quotes from our vetted professionals and schedule an appointment.

. We would advise you to call several companies because their methods may vary.Bed Bug Exterminator

Pesticides are a big deal, and you NEED to be sure that the professional you hire has a couple of important things like:

  • Essential licenses to use chemicals approved in your state to kill bugs
  • Numerous positive reviews by real customers with genuine pest problems

Our search tool provides you with all those things and more.

Each exterminator within our database has been thoroughly vetted and evaluated by multiple independent sources. The ones with negative feedback are excluded quickly. That helps you to be sure that you will contact only a qualified professional for your pest problem.

Yes, you could try to do it alone, just be very careful what kind of chemicals you are using in your own home.

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I’m probably leaving out some information. What other tips can you provide about this issue? Let’s beat the bed bug! Share your story in the comments.


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