Preventing bed bugs from entering your home

How Do You Get Bed Bugs

How to prevent getting bed bugs from spreading? How do you Get Bed Bugs From Work?

Many years ago, you were more likely to get bed bugs on vacation and bring them home with you. Now they’re all over the place. It doesn’t matter if you’ve traveled or gone for dinner. Sitting in a chair where someone may have had bedbugs even weeks beforehand, is all it can take.

How do You Get Bed Bugs

A lot of people when they find out that they have bedbugs, spend time, effort, and energy trying to figure out from where they got them.

We do want to know where bedbugs spread from. For example, if people got bed bugs from work and their work area is infested with bedbugs, they must take charge.

If it’s an inseminate female, you will bring that bed bug home with you. She will lay her eggs, and suddenly, you’ve got bedbugs in your house.

A lot of doctors, nurses, emergency service workers, firefighters, teachers, or police are in contact with numerous people day after day. They have a much higher exposure rate to bed bugs.

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If you can figure out where you got them from, it’s always a good thing. That will go a long way to preventing re-infestation to your house.

If you bring bedbugs to your home and an extermination company gets rid of them, they have done their job well. But as soon as you go back to the infested workplace, there’s a good possibility you’re going to bring those bedbugs back into your home. That would be an ongoing cycle of re-infestation.

So, there is an importance to knowing if you can find out, where you got the bedbugs from in the first place.

It is very unlikely, though not impossible, that a bed bug infestation will develop in an office, classroom, or another non-residential environment, such as a department store. However, these sites can serve as transfer hubs for bed bugs to hitchhike a ride into your home. Management, staff, students, and workers all have roles to play in reducing the spread of bed bugs.

How to prevent bed bugs infestation?

When in your line of work you need to visit homes infested with bed bugs, your concerns should be how to protect your home from the bed bugs and at the same time to do your best for your client.

Home health workers, maintenance and cleaning personnel, persons making deliveries and installations, travelers, first responders and emergency personnel must enter structures potentially bed bug infested.

We have listed below some precaution measures and steps you should follow for the best results. Following these tips will help to keep you and your family safe from bed bug nightmares.

– All your work clothing, including coats and outerwear, can be suitable to be treated in a hot dryer and to wash at a higher temperature

– Light colored clothes make it much easier to see bed bugs

– Your pants must be without cuffs

– Wear shoes that are smooth and with no trim. It is essential that bed bugs can’t find place to hide

– Avoid sitting on sofas and beds. The safest option is a hard kitchen chair

– Try to avoid leaning or brushing against beds and upholstered furniture

– Take in with you as little stuff as possible

-Avoid sitting or placing coats and other items on beds, floors, and sofas where the bugs commonly reside

– Use smooth bags or use metal or plastic boxes to for your equipment

– Use a white plastic bag as a barrier to isolate your kit from the room. White color makes bed bugs easier to see

– If any items are carried out of infested homes, wrap them in plastic or do not hold them very close to your body.

Preventing bed bugs from entering your home

When you work or visit places that may be infested, your biggest concern is how to prevent carrying bedbugs home with you.

According to the article, this routine will eliminate and kill any bed bug that manages to hide on your equipment or clothing.

– As soon as possible, take off the working clothes before moving around in your home. It could be done in a garage or as close to the entrance door as possible

The bath and bathtub might be the best place to take off your clothes and bag them. Bed bugs are easy to see, and they can’t crawl on smooth, slippery surfaces. Place all your clothing in a plastic bag, seal it and take it directly to the laundry area.

If your clothes are still clean, put them in a dryer on the hottest setting for 30 minutes. It is the heat that successfully kills the bed bugs.

Remember: Bed bugs need people to transport them from place to place. Knowing how they spread and applying a few manageable steps will prevent an infestation.
HOW TO PREVENT BED BUGS INFESTATION and keep your family safe

Avoid Getting Bedbugs from Work Resources

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