Top 5 best bed bug spray [Review 2019]


best bed bug spray 2019

In this article, we are going to discuss the 5 best bed bug spray that will eradicate the bed bugs from your residence forever.

Irrespective of a home or a nicely decorated hotel room, bedbugs are found almost everywhere. Although tiny in size, this notorious insect might be a constant reason for irritation if somehow, they can establish their colony. Nonetheless, you might use an effective bedbug spray to remove their infestation.

What is a bed bug spray?

In a nutshell, bedbug sprays are a type of mild insecticide which is specially designed to kill the bed bugs that come in direct touch of the spray. The majority of the sprays kill the pests within a few minutes since coming in contact with them.
There are some sprays whose effects last for around 48 hours and are particularly good at residential areas.

How best bed bug spray works

Many people question the effectivity of the sprays on bedbugs. However, several studies show that bedbug sprays are quite efficient to kill them. But it requires to come in direct touch of the insects. If you spray it around the walls and think that the bedbugs will automatically die, it won’t happen.
Instead, carefully find the infested area and apply the spray directly on the bedbugs. This will give you an immediate and satisfactory result.

How to choose the best bed bug spray

There are several brands available in the market all claiming to be the best bedbug killer. However, not all of them are equally important. So, if you really want to get rid of the bedbug infestation, you should be cautious when selecting one for you.
You should buy a spray which is not only cost-effective but also provides instant results. Moreover, it shouldn’t contain any harmful chemicals, especially for your children and pets. Some sprays are made with high-dose of insecticide which is rather harsh, instead use the one designed to be used in the residential areas.

Advantages of bed bug spray

There are many reasons to go for a bedbug spray instead of standard pesticides. These are-

  1. Bedbug sprays are mild in comparison with normal pesticides.
  2. It doesn’t require to be an expert in applying it.
  3. It doesn’t or rarely contains chemicals detrimental to child and pet health.
  4. Easy to apply and provides an excellent result.

The top 5 best bed bug sprays in the market

After analyzing almost various types of bed bug spray we have picked the Five based on user review, Product Features and usability –

Bedlam Plus Bed Bug Spray

Over the years, Bedlam plus has been one of the top-rated bed bag spray products in the market. It works both as an ovicidal and adulticidal, thus effectively kills the bed bug eggs and adults when they come in touch of the spray. However, it is widely known for its long-lasting and robust odor.
To get good results, apply it directly to the bed bag colony like in the harborage.


  • Well received among the pest control professionals.
  • Strong odor
  • Effective against eggs and adults.


  • Kills when comes in contact
  • Two weeks of the residual period


  • Produces excessive fumes
  • Can bring irritation to the skin

Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray

If you want a relief vacation in a hotel room without the disturbance of the bed bugs, this spray is your go for choice then. Its convenient design and compact size allow you to take it with you in your luggage at ease.


  • Comes with a 2-ounce bottle
  • Treats furniture and mattresses
  • Efficient for luggage also


  • Has a brilliant cinnamon smell
  • Fulfills TSA safety measures
  • Creates a barrier against bedbug infestation during tours


  • Not designed to eradicate a home infestation.
  • Comes with a small amount of spray

Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer

If you want to save your environment and still want to get rid of bed bugs, we would suggest you use this Eco Defense Bed Bug killer pest. It is a natural pest and doesn’t contain anything harmful for the children and pets.
Moreover, it doesn’t have any residual effect and lousy smell as it is made from plants.


  • Non-toxic and organic spray
  • Kills only the adults
  • Free of any strong chemicals


  • Environment-friendly
  • Stain-free
  • Won’t harm your pet


  • Less effective against serious infestations.

FenvaStar Ecocap

It comes with an active Esfenvalerate which is known for its lethal power against different insects. It uses the microencapsulation technique to reach the bed bugs effectively.
Nonetheless, it requires a pump sprayer to spray it right on the bed bug colony to get a better result. However, it is not quick to action spray, so you need to be patient to see the result.


  • The key ingredient is a vegetable oil
  • Effective against various types of bed bugs
  • Has a good record


  • Affordability
  • Microencapsulation technique
  • Longer effect


  • Not ideal for immediate action

Bayer Advanced Pest Killer

Although less known in the market is doesn’t only kills the bed bugs but also eliminates other pests around your home. Many users recommend it to eradicate bed bugs from furniture and carpets.


  • Designed to kill different pests
  • Useful for furniture and carpets.


  • Made for outdoor use
  • Odorless


  • Produces an extreme amount of fume

Final thoughts

Bed bug treatment is a time-consuming job. If you apply any of these top bed bug sprays, the procedure should turn out to be an easier one for you. However, we recommend you to take preventive measures while you use these sprays to avoid any skin complications in the future.

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